A catalyst for change..
A stimulant for progress..
True prosperity cannot be
obtained by commerce alone
We attain greater
prosperity for all
We help those who are in need
Build better lives to stand alone
Together we stand
to develop lives
This is freedom
A solace to those in need

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The FREEDOM TEAM discussed with NEDA CARAGA the Mid Term Report of the study.

High Value Vegetables, and Natural Fibers.

Commodity Roadmaps for Western Visayas to NEDA, DA, DTI, DOST, DENR and PhilFIDA. High value vegetables include cabbage, lettuce, tomato, carrots, and cucumber. Natural fibers cover abaca, silk and bariw leaves. Iloilo/12 Sep 2018.

The Makabagong Magsasaka ng Nipa at Niyog ng Parang or MANIPA introduced its new product lines, NIPAKURAT and NIPA VINEGAR.

Nipakurat is made of 100% naturally fermented nipa sap and spices. Nipa vinegar is pure nipa sap.

Celebrating Philippines-EU Partnership.

40 Years of the European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines with Secretary Arsenio Balisacan of the Philippines Competition Commission and Chairman Antonio Peralta of the Southern Mindanao Business Council

Executive Director Tony Peralta speaks

Executive Director Tony Peralta speaks about climate induced challenges farmers face as well as development models for rural enterprises featuring climate resilient products such as Nipa Palm Sugar on ANC Early Edition hosted by Ms. Annalisa Burgos.


During the DA BAR’s 14th Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Forum, Executive Director Tony Peralta delivered a lecture

In the earlier half of the 1980's, due to the decrease of sugar prices in the international market, Negros Island, (Visayas, Philippines)

whose economic structure was supported solely by the sugar industry, experienced a great decline. At the time, a hunger relief program called the "Negros Campaign" was conducted with the help of Japanese NGOs. 30 years has passed since, and Negros' farming industry has changed dramatically.

Strategy Freedom Inc. approaches rural enterprise development from an ecological perspective, that both need to coexist and not just develop processes that just consume resources but to innovate and develop enterprises that produce goods, services, and materials that help both build the community and replenish natural resources in other ways. By developing and replenishing natural resources wherever and whenever possible is the key component to true sustainable development. Project Development We here at Freedom Inc. approach project development by engaging the target communities to be part of the project development process is key to the success of its implementation. Stakeholder buy in to the way projects are developed is critical and necessary in order that the project objectives are met and embraced by the community as a whole. We incorporate the twin disciplines of a market led approach and financial viability as key ingredients to ensure project sustainability. Business Development The development of micro enterprises in rural and indigenous communities is an important strategy in bringing in inclusive and balanced growth. FREEDOM, Inc. employs a value chain approach in social enterprise development by ensuring that cooperatives and associations are equipped with right business tools to succeed within a value chain structure. We train and ensure organizations that they are able to sustain what they learned from our technical and professional staff. Value Chain Development One of FREEDOM, Inc.’s expertise is the integration of the value chain approach in its projects. This allows the farmer beneficiaries to understand their roles within the value chain structure. Given their understanding and participation in the commodity value chain system, farmers are poised to take advantage of income opportunities that are present. This can provide farmers by helping them identify business opportunities and challenges and help them upscale product and processes.

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