On March 13, 2014, Foundation for Rural Enterprise and Ecology Development Of Mindanao, Incorporated (FREEDOM, Inc.) established partnership and joined the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Mindanao Incorporated (JCCM, Inc.).

The JCCM was formally established seven years ago on March 31, 2007 at the Davao Trade and Convention Center. The establishment of the JCCM is a fulfillment of the Japanese people long-time vision to contribute significantly in the improvement of Mindanao’s economic environment especially with the positive developments taking place in the ARMM Region.

A non-profit organization, the JCCM aims to promote mutual cooperation among Japanese affiliated companies in Mindanao, and to create mutual trust and build solid partnership and cooperation with Philippine corporations and entities. The establishment of the JCCM is also a reaffirmation of Japan’s continuing support to the Philippine Government’s effort to achieve genuine progress and lasting peace in Mindanao.

JCCM expressed their support on the work of FREEDOM in Mindanao, particularly on its vision and dedication to support the farmers and usher them towards growth and better living. The increased partnerships between Japanese companies and Mindanao companies proves effective to foster better relationship between the two countries in building a vision of oneness towards the progress of indigenous people communities, especially the farmers- to give impartiality and due to the workers of the country.

Representing FREEDOM, Inc. to JCCM’s activities is: Antonio S. Peralta, Executive Director, and Michael Mikin, Director for Rural and IP Community Development. FREEDOM, Inc. currently has two offices in Davao City and Butuan City.

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