Via FREEDOM Wireless Services, August 21, 2014: The Municipality of San Isidro in Surigaodel Norte has awarded the implementation of the Coastal Resource Management Project to FREEDOM, Inc.

The project seeks to address the present issues and challenges that the coastal communities in San Isidro Municipality face. FREEDOM, Inc. will undertake the implementation of the Coastal Fisheries and Marine Resource Management Project through a participatory and consultative approach. In this manner, the proposed training approach will address the needs of the community & capability building requirements in order to strengthen their capacity for effective governance on their coastal resources.

FREEDOM, Inc. believes that the essence of participatory coastal resource assessment and management is learning by doing.The training design covers five (5) interrelated courses:

  • 1. Coastal Resources Assessment;
  • 2. Participatory Rural Appraisal and Community Organizing;
  • 3. Municipal Fishery Code Formulation;
  • 4. Fishery Law Enforcement Training and Deputation of Fish Wardens; and
  • 5. Coastal Fisheries and Marine Resources Management Planning

TeofiloMaymayPhD (Candidate) is the lead person handling the project and he is supported by BenjieLasam MSF.

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