Congratulations to the following Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organizations (ARBOs) completion of the Agricultural Extension Services (AES) by the Department of Agrarian Reform Region IV-B in coordination with Freedom Inc:

  • 1. Alacaak Development Cooperative (ALDECO)
  • 2. Mamburao Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MAMUPCO)
  • 3. San Carlos Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SACAMUCO)
  • 4. Purnaga Farm Associations (PFA)
  • 5. Tagumpay ng Curanta Free Farmers’ Cooperative (TACUFFC)
  • 6. Tuban Blessed Farmer’s Cooperative (TUBFARMCO)

  • The AES program is designed to instruct and train farmer organizations using the Trainer’s Training approach to select farmer technicians in order for them to spread the knowledge to their respective organizations. These farmer technicians were in a broad range of skills aimed to make them more competitive in the world market. With the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement and growing concerns over Climate Change, it is indeed necessary to prepare these organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to overcome such threats and transform them into opportunities.

    These skills cover a broad range of subjects including updated farming techniques and methods that incorporate climate smart technology, consideration, preparation, and execution of marketing plans, and study comparisons of processes applied by other advanced agricultural organizations.

    We at Freedom, Inc. could not be prouder of the efforts and fruits of labor shown by these ARBOs and as we ready them for the next phase concerning business development topics, we look forward to what they can show us afterwards!

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