“Freedom, Inc. has covered services to equip project beneficiaries with practical knowledge and innovation in development, literacy, marketing, business and finances, planning, and management trainings. These services intend a holistic and sustainable growth for communities."

General services

Project Development

  • Project Conceptualization and Design
  • Pre Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Post Project Review and Evaluation
  • Project Operational Audit

Enterprise Development

  • Micro and Small Business Development
  • Business Opportunity Scanning
  • Product Development and Packaging
  • Product Certification
  • Market Identification and Linkage

Value Chain services


  • Value Chain Studies
  • Value Chain Training
  • Cluster Approach Training
  • Investment Road Mapping

Project services

Agricultural Extensions Services

  • Rapid Field Assessments
  • Review of Farming Systems
  • GAP Farming DIagnostics
  • Preparation of Cropping Suitability Plans
  • Preparation of Farm Production Management Plans
  • Establishment of Farmer Climate Field Schools and Demo Farms
  • Preparation of Shared Service Facility Operations and Management Plan

Business Development Services

  • Business Trainings on Strategic Planning
  • Business Training on Organization Management, Financial, Marketing Management
  • Business review and planning
  • Agri Review and Planning
  • Agri Enterprise Implementation Plan
  • Preparation of Financial Management Plan
  • Preparation of Financial Policy Manual
  • Preparation of Organizational Development Plan
  • Preparation of Organizational Policy Manual
  • Preparation of Marketing Plan
  • Product Certification Diagnostics

Environmental services


  • Watershed Development Master Planning
  • Coastal Resource Management Studies
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