“To inspire and empower rural communities” Freedom Inc. is both a catalyst for change and stimulant for progress bringing forth the means for rural communities and rural enterprises to grow and develop towards more durable and environmentally responsible economies. We inspire and empower rural communities to become economically self-reliant, we educate and we train today’s rural communities to prepare them to become cities of tomorrow. We help attain greater prosperity for all..

Target Sector

Mindanao and the Visayas regions are an agri-based economy. We specialize in the growth and development of agribusiness in rural and indigenous people communities using the value chain approach. We have been engaged in helping farmers improve their production activities in order to attain better incomes. We are involved in projects covering rice production, integrated rice duck farming, rubber, coconut, palm oil, agro forestry, abaca, cacao, vegetables, coffee and coco-sugar.

Action Plan

Freedom, Inc. formed a strategic alliance with various agencies and institutions to implement the mission and vision of Empowerment for Mindanao Indigenous Peoples and Rural Communities. We believe in the transformation of farmers into agri-micro entrepreneurs, therefore paving the way for the development of a stronger middle class in rural and indigenous peoples communities. We support the principles of climate smart agriculture and the need to address the on going issues of climate change as it impacts farming communities in vulnerable areas. And like the finest scientists, we never guess. Particularly when it comes to your business.

Our Team

We are proud of our company, not only for its unique identity, but because of the people that drive it! Listed here are the most seasoned members of the FREEDOM INC. team.

Antonio S. Peralta, MBE, MBA​


Mr. Tony Peralta was a formerly a banker from Citibank and economist who worked with international financial and multilateral institutions who worked in Southeast Asia, Australia and the United States. He also helped in the establishment of international donor funded projects in Mindanao. He also represents FREEDOM, Inc. through the Southern Mindanao Business Council organized by the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) and appointed as its chairman, whose mandate is to support sustainable businesses and promote inclusive growth in Mindanao.

Engr. Epimaco “Jun” Galero Jr., an engineer by training, was formerly the Governor of the Butuan Chamber of Commerce and Co-Chairman of the Regional Development Council. He presently represents FREEDOM, Inc. as Chairman of the Economic Cluster of the Regional Development Council in the Caraga Region. Engr. Galero has held senior positions in various companies and runs several successful businesses.

Engr. Epimaco Galero Jr., MA, DPA​

Deputy Executive Director - Operation

Justino S. Oplas​

Director – Institutional Capability Building

Justino “Tinoy” Oplas was formerly an executive with a multinational insurance company in charge of training and capability building. Mr. Oplas was responsible for the development of training programs for FREEDOM, Inc.’s for rural and indigenous communities. He presently handles the quality assurance of FREEDOM, Inc.’s training programs.

Our Partners