Coco Products

Freedom In Partnership With The Da Implements Selap In Caraga Region

FREEDOM as Professional Service Provider (PSP) undertakes the “Support to Emergency & Livelihood Assistance Project” (SELAP) as funded by US Aid through partnership with the Department of Agriculture (DA). The project is a result of a vision – a Livelihood Support Program intended to function as a post-conflict resolution to conflict-affected areas in Mindanao.

The SELAP was implemented in the CARAGA Region, specifically in Sitio Buli, Bayan, Marihatag. FREEDOM provided assistance in training the People Organization (PO)- Buli Women Organization (BWO) on how to make and utilize coco coir.

Coco coir is a natural fibre extracted from coconut husks. It is used in many products such as floor mats, mattresses, and etc. Coco coir’s fibers have excellent water retention properties which maintain structure and trap air.

It can also be used for road embankments to prevent erosion and fertilize soil in the process due to its water holding and releasing capacities. With FREEDOM’s aid, BWO’s members was able to make use of the natural resource (coir) and use it to their betterment along with the businesses of their Organization. FREEDOM also helped the organization in considering marketing linkages to mining companies.

The trainings implemented consisted of lectures handled by FREEDOM’s experts. It included a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) orientation which was explained and conducted to discover their needs as an organization. The topics delivered also include providing the necessary knowledge and skills based on the project, strengthening the business skills and attitude of the organization, and developing business strategies that will make their organization sustainable.